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Burst Pipe Repairs

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Burst Pipe Repairs

This can definitely be described as an emergency. A burst pipe always happens at the worst possible time and can increase your water bill overnight. Call in the professionals like Smart Plumbing to handle the emergency.

How to tell if your pipe has burst

There are obvious signs of a burst pipe. Sometimes water will spew out of a small hole and the pressure will eventually make the hole bigger. Other times it will be a continuous drip that deteriorates if not attended to. You may also see a moist area in a wall or on the ground as an indication that there is a leak in an underground pipe or wall pipe. Should it be a tiled wall the tile will turn a darker colour or the water will weaken the grout and leak out.  Squeaking of water pipes is also an indication that pipes can burst if not serviced. Copper water pipes are prone to squeaks and corrode over time, especially in older properties. Low water pressure can also indicate that there might be a water leak on the property. 

This could possibly range from anywhere in the plumbing system, from the geyser, the pool system, the toilet cistern and even the water meter. In recent times people have been experiencing a lot of burst water pipes due to water pressure changes and even water meter theft. Check on your water meter at all times and close all taps when you check it. Should the meter not stand still and keep on running then there is a water leak somewhere on your property. Use the above guidelines to determine where the leak or burst pipe might be. Once you have detected the leak give Smart Plumbing a call. Water pipes also burst due to wear and tear especially if it hasn’t been sealed properly. 

burst pipe repairs

How to fix a burst pipe

Once you have determined where the leak or burst pipe might be, to avoid any further water loss you can follow these guidelines below.

  1. Turn off the main water meter tap/valve that allows water flow to the property’s water pipes or the individual pipe.
  2. Run any excess water out of the pipes from an outside tap.
  3. Dig around the affected area where the burst pipe is situated and dry the pipe.
  4. Should it be due to a nut that came lose or a washer that has to be replaced? Loosen the nut and add plumbing glue or plumbing tape to the area and tighten the nut. In the case of it being a washer you would have to replace the washer with another of the same size.
  5. In the event of there being a hole in the pipe. You would need a pipe cutter or a hacksaw to cut the pipe where the hole is.
  6. You can use a copper pipe coupling and join the pipes on either side. In case of it being a PVC pipe you can use a PVC coupling.
  7. Seal the pipe on either end with plumbing glue or plumbing tape. This will help to tighten the grip of the pipe and seal it.
  8. Clean the area around the pipe Test your installation by putting the water pressure back on and close up the pipe. Job well done.


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