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Leak Detection

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Equipment to detect leaks

Leak Detection

Water leaks are common plumbing problems experienced by homeowners and businesses. Leaks are one of the more common, and damaging plumbing problems a home or business can experience. Even a very small hole leak can destroy drywall and lead to other major issues, and can be very costly (not to mention the a waste of good water). A Leak can occur when pipes are not properly fitted together, damaged by an external source, or by wear over time. Smart Plumbing offers a reliable leak detection service. We can locate any leak, even the leaks that are difficult to find.

Finding the leak in the first place can be tough at time. Unless the leak can be visibly seen, you would not know where the leaks are. This is where the experience of Smart Plumbing comes in, we can detect any leak. Leak detection is our specialty and has qualified plumbers to do the job.

Accurate Water Leak Detection

Detecting water leaks – Spotting a leak is easy when water is spotted in a certain area. But a slow drip in an underground pipe or a hidden pipe can be much more difficult to accurately locate. There are some easy ways to determine if you have a leak, and it is important to watch out for signs of a leak

You may have a water leak if:

  • A high than normal water bill
  • You shut off all the water, but the meter continues to go up
  • There is a musty odour in your home
  • There are water stains
  • Paint or wallpaper are bubbling or peeling
  • You see mould or mildew growth

Smart Plumbing

We use state-of-the-art equipment, including sonic detectors, and other advanced equipment to quickly detect the exact location of a leak. This allows us to determine the extent of the water leak and complete the repairs as soon as possible. We are available for emergency services for leak detection at any time. We are able to detect any leaks that might not be visible on your property.

Our leak detection services are comprehensive, from inspection, detection to repair. In cases of emergency where major leaks or water outbursts happen, we are always ready available and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter how big or small the job is, we will help you get rid of that water leak. Contact us for all of your leak detection and repair requirements around Cape Town.


Leak Detection

We are able to detect any leak that might not be visible on your property.

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