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Geyser Burst

Here are some tips on how to manage a geyser burst in your house.

Like most things out there, geysers too have a limited lifespan. Speak to a professional plumber who would be able to advise you on geyser repairs or on other various geyser options should the geyser have burst. Don’t let a burst geyser set you back. A plumber professional plumber will replace your geyser in no time.

So what do you need to do the moment your geyser bursts?

Turn off the power to the geyser

When your geyser burst, a number of dangerous possibilities open up. If the geyser continues to try to heat up water that is not there, the heat will reach to a level that could cause a fire. The water coming from the burst geyser may also reach electrical wires, which could end up in a short circuit or an electrical fire. Once the power has been turned off, wait for Smart Plumbing to arrive.

Turn off the Water

Shut the main incoming water immediately as the water will continue to leak through the burst geyser. If your geyser is in your roof it could cause damage to your ceiling boards. Always know where your main water source outlet is located.

Water Cleanup

Mop up water that has escaped from the geyser to prevent any damage to your household content, especially the wooden structures or furniture.

Use anything that is available like scooping the water out of the house of using towels and multiple mops. The sooner the water is cleared the better and safer the house will be.

Inform the people in the house

Let all the people in the house know of the geyser that has burst to prevent them from trying to access the hot water, switching on the main water outlet or powering on the geyser.

Call Smart Plumbing

Contact the professionals to remove the broken geyser and assist in getting in a new geyser. We are available at any time, with a 24 hours service availability to assist you in your time of need. We have experienced plumbers on call, making sure that your burst geyser is resolved as possible.

Geyser Installation

Installation Guidelines

 New Geyser Installation for Residential and Businesses
The steps below will assist in installing your geyser. Be aware that these are guidelines, if you don’t know how to do it right, leave it to the professionals like Smart Plumbing.
Geysers are mostly mounted horizontally these days with an option of 100l to 200l.
Only get parts that are applicable to the geyser purchased as the older geyser parts might not work.
When installing a new high pressure geyser, you’ll need to install it to that specifications.
There are a few correct options you should focus on when connecting your geyser.
A geyser diagram can help you recognize the main parts of the system, also make sure to ask the person in store for assistance.
The geyser system have vacuum breakers that stop the water from siphoning out of the geyser if the cold water shuts off. They also have a shutoff valve.
After the shutoff valve, new high-pressure geysers incorporates a pressure control valve. The pressure rating of the valve must match the pressure rating on the geyser. You must have this valve on your high-pressure geyser.
You must also have an electrical isolator switch. The switch must be installed within one meter of the geyser.

Installation Standards

The following are required on all new Geyser installations to meet the SABS 
(5) Drain cock,  (6) Safety valve ,  (12) Vacuum Breakers
 (2) Thermostat… set to around 60 degrees C
 (4) Pressure Control valve,  (10) Drip Tray & (11) outlet pipe
 Regular Servicing replace the following parts every 3 years: 
(2) Thermostat, (3) Anode, (12) Vacuum breakers
Hot water pipe Lagging
Insulating hot water pipe to reduce standing heat loss.
 A thermal blanket fits Snug around the geyser cylinder
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Take careful note:

Geysers or hot water heaters to be installed by professionals only


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